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Fund Raising for Replacement Windows:

The Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church is presently raising funds to replace the windows of the Our Lady of Peace Cathedral. The present windows are the original ones and they are almost 100 years old. It is time to replace them! Given that we are looking into registering the building with the Historical Registry, we opted to replace the windows with a type that appears to have panes since the original windows have 12 panes per window. The window replacements will be double glassed with cross bars to make it look like there are 12 panes in each window.

Our Lady of Peace Cathedral

Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated. We will be putting a plaque in the cathedral listing the names of the donors who donate $300.00 or more.

To donate toward the replacement of the windows:
     Checks made out to:  Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church.
     Please put on Memo line of the check:  "For Windows"
     Mail to:  Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church, P.O. Box 33167, Cincinnati, OH 45233-0167

Thank you in advance for your donations.

Update December 2013 -- Windows were purchased and installed in the Church Sanctuary, Church Vestibule and Church Office. A big Thank You to all who have donated to this point. We still need to collect money to purchase windows for the Social Hall.